Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A really big shoe in Portland

Yep, that's me, in P Town, showing the kids how to boogie in size 20 shoes. We had a yahdsell and made a few bucks over the week end.

Went out to dinner too. Walked down what my nephew says is about six blocks, which seemed more like a half mile, but it was worth it. A taco place to die for...I had what was called a flying saucer, for 4 bucks, and was so full that walking back seemed like a mile.

My grand daughter was there selling brownies without a licence.

But, we didn't have one either, it's called free enterprise. Just put a ad on Craigs list, put a sign out and sold a bunch of stuff, except for those size 20 shoes. There was a sign on them that said, free if they fit you, otherwise 20 bucks.

That's my nephew out front hawking bicycles. P Town is a bike town and he sold three of them.


Geezer Power said...

Almost 4000 views on that video, just shows that folks are starving for

Thank gawd my feet aren't really size 20, what with the Sansom foot aroma... Phsew~*

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

That was pretty good dancing Geez! LOL